Cement Clinker

11:00 - 04/01/2020

Cement Clinker C-150 Type 1 ASTM
Origin: Vietnam

Supply Quantity: 50,000MT/Month
Min Order Quantity: 10,000MT
Payment: T/T – L/C

Dong Son is a provider of Clinker products from Vietnam to the Asia market with years of experience. To replicate that success, Dong Son Pacific will provide Clinker products with guaranteed quality meeting the needs of cement production as well as the needs of export to demanding markets where the company is implementing.

These minerals have different crystal structures and this determines the nature of the clinker. The quality of clinker will determine the nature of the cement.

With the advantage of the high-quality materials, Dong Son believes that they will provide the best meeting the ASTM (America) standard to produce types of cement with perfect quality

Clinker Specification:

CharacteristicUnitsCeriteria conform with ASTM C150 Type ITypical Test ResultTest Method
  SiO2%Max 22.521.86ASTM C114-09
  Al2O3%Max 6.05.31
  Fe2O3%Max 4.53.43
  CaO%Min 65.066.34
  MgO%Max 4.000.72
  SO3%Max 1.00.30
  Loss on Lgnition, (LOI)%Max 1.50.75
  Free lime (F.CaO)%Max 1.51.0
  Insoluble Residue%Max  0.750.42
  Total alkalies (Na2O+0.658K2O)%Max 0.60.55
  C3S%Min 55.063.18ASTM C150-11
  C2S%Max 21.515.18Calculated
  C3A%Max 12.08.28 
  C4AF%Max 13.010.44 
  Lime Saturation Factor – LSF%Min 9295.15 
  Moisture%Max 1.00.01Refer ASTM C136
  Particle Size: -Below 1mm%Max 10.07.82Sieve
  – Above 30 mm%Max 10.06.50
  Remark:   C3S to be calculated based on gross CaO content.
  C3S  =  (4.071x %CaO) – (7.60x %SiO2) – (6.718 x Al2O3)- (1.43 x %Fe2O3)-(2.852xSO3)
  C2S  =  (2.867x% SiO2) – (0.7544x % C3S)
  C3A  =  (2.650x %Al2O3)-(1.692x Fe2O3);   C4AF= 3.043 x % Fe2O3
  LSF  =  (100 x % CaO) / (2.8 x %SiO2 + 1.18 x %Al2O3 + 0.65 x % Fe2O3)